Hey Now,
I just got off the phone with Dave G. the host of Dave's Cave on Sacramento's The Voice FM. It turns out that some of my music is to be featured on his program next week along with a brief interview.
Interviews are always strange for me.  Being a person with little to no filter, I'm never quite sure what is going to come out of my mouth. However, I am pretty proud of myself for not cursing during the interview. A sign of growth perhaps...
If you're interested and curious as to whether my diction has improved or whether I have acquired a Southern accent check out the show next Friday, March 7th. 8 pm Pacific, 11 pm Eastern here. Tune in tonight to hear music and words from my old friend Victor Mason. - http://www.dialinsky.com/
Hope you're well

Joe DeVita
Have you got the winter time blues? I've been there.

There is nothing I hate more than feeling like I need to go into hibernation mode because of inclimate weather.

And while it easy for me to sleep until early afternoon without compromising my lifestyle I usually feel guilty for excessive sleep.

Therefore I have compiled a list of things to do while dealing with cabin fever.

Hopefully this will be of benefit to you as well

1 - Learn to cook new meals well.
2 - Read a new book a month.
3 - Paint (eventhough I suck at it)
4 - Make weird movies ( eventhough I suck at it)
5 - Vocal practice ( eventhough I suck at it and sometimes hate it )
6 - Have more sex.
7 - Read one page of the Thesaurus daily.
8 - Read one page of the Rhyming Dictionary daily
9 - Write and record 2 songs a week.
10 - Have more sex.
11 - Write three pages of stream of consciousness in the morning.
12 - Rethink approaches to guitar playing and music in general.
13 - Brush up on Swahili
14 - Make collage w/ Girfriend .
15- Get my Jerry and Esther Hicks on.
16 - Write affirmations.
17 - Meditate
18 - Catch up with people that think I've "forgotten about them"
19 - Learn to use new gear.
20 - Have more sex.

I falter sometimes but for the most part I practice what I preach in that I painted this canvas last night.  Turn off the T.V. and do something :)
Rest In Peace Lou Reed.

Yesterday I did a remix for a competition held by The Smithsonian Institute. I used samples of their nature sounds in conjunction with my original music. You can give a listen to it here

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