I am very happy to announce a new music collaborative effort with a kindred spirit currently living in Japan. He goes by the name Damade and I am very excited to hear the noises we manage to create.

Would you like to get a sneak peak? click here

If this is our first timer here I send you the warmest welcome from the ether. If you're a returning guest it is great to have you back.

I have some new music for you to experience, if you feel so inclined. I have released two new pieces from a set of ambient music I've been mucking around with.

I think there is a very good chance you will enjoy them very much.

The pieces are simply titled Melody One and Melody Two.

You can preview and purchase them by clicking on the Shop link.

I am in the process of reconstructing the site. Please feel free to send a message should you have any technical difficulties.

-Joe DeVita

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